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Welcome to my ADHD The Musical resources page!

In the show we explore some challenging subjects connected with having ADHD. This is a page that has some tips, links to resources and information that has helped me along the way. All in my search to understand what having ADHD means. It is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders worldwide impacting millions of people, so experiences will vary from person to person. But I hope you find something in here of use, thanks for stopping by!

Lets start with SHAME!

In the show we talk about the Big Bear of Shame. In fact, he is there the whole time like an unwanted guest that won’t leave! Shame is a big part of having ADHD especially when trying to navigate in a world designed for neurotypical minds. Shame tends to appear as a starring role in the lives of people with ADHD due to behaviors such as these:

  • Being late
  • Being forgetful
  • Overly sensitive/trouble regulating emotions
  • Impulsive
  • Struggling to finish important tasks… just to name a few.

Top Shame researcher Brene Brown says:

"Shame hates it when we reach out and tell our story. It hates having words wrapped around it - it can't survive being shared. Shame loves secrecy."


ADHD impacts every aspect of a person's life, and can have challenging outcomes

Here are some challenging facts:

  • People with ADHD are 70 percent more likely to have problems with addiction
  • 60 percent more likely to be fired from a job
  • Are 3 times more likely to be in debt than those who do not have ADHD.

It’s important to be honest about the challenges people with ADHD face. Openly identifying the challenges is the first step to getting support.

diagnosis sign with Dora

When I first got my diagnosis, I felt a feeling of shame that my brain was different! But the more I learned about ADHD, the more I realized I needed to be kinder to myself and take positive steps to understand the challenges and work with information. Knowledge is power.

Start with being honest about what you feel shame about and then communicate that to those around you.

ADHD and Relationships

People with ADHD Can really struggle in relationships we have created a video with some top tips to help!

ADHD and Finances

People with ADHD can struggle with finances so we have created this video with some top tips to help.


Here are some links to resources you might find helpful:

Tools to get things done!

Body Doubling

People with ADHD are renowned for putting tasks off or leaning things to the last minute. But have you heard of body doubling! Body doubling is a productivity strategy in which another person works alongside you as you complete a task you might otherwise find challenging. Having someone nearby may help you stay focused, engaged, or motivated to finish the job.

More about it here

Tools to get things done!

How to ADHD

This fantastic website with lots of amazing content created by ADHD advocate Jessica McCabe. She has been talking about ADHD for a number of years and has a really friendly, funny and easy to understand approach to informing people.

Website Link

Engaging Talks

The amazing Brene Brown talks about the power of Vulnerability.

The message in this Ted Talk really influenced ADHD the Musical and encouraged me to be brave and honest which is a sign of strength not weakness!

TED Talk


Free debt helpline and management resources

Free, impartial, expert advice - Each year they help more than 100,000 people



Money management using Monzo

Blog post titled: “I made managing money 'dopamine friendly' so it works with my ADHD”



Up to date deals/money saving tips

Expert tips from money saving expert: Martin Lewis



Exercise Ideas

Exercise has been one of the most effective tools for me managing ADHD. It is scientifically proven to improve brain function and mood. Understandably it can be hard getting started when you are experiencing overwhelm or lack of motivation so find what you enjoy!

  • Walking 30 mins listening to your favourite podcast
  • Dance in your room for 30 mins to your fave tunes
  • Having a fitbit can be helpful to measure your steps and see how active you are daily


Couch to 5k

I started running using couch to 5k - A free running program to help you get running you are guided every step of the way and can choose a motivational voice that works for you!

More about couch to 5k here

Managing Overwhelm

Calm app

The app's wide variety of guided meditations, sleep stories, and music may help you feel more relaxed. I love the masterclasses with lots of inspiring speakers. It’s great if you feel overwhelmed and need to take 5 mins to meditate or do a breathing exercise, pop a meditation on go for a walk or sit in the park.

Managing Overwhelm

Tara Brach Radical Acceptance

This talk is very inspiring and a lot of what the core message of what ADHD The Musical is about. Worth a listen a listen

Youtube Link

Managing Overwhelm

Wellbeing In the Arts

Low cost therapy for creatives

Managing Overwhelm

Anxiety UK

A charity helping people affected by anxiety, stress, and anxiety-based depression

Managing Overwhelm


A mental health charity providing advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem

Managing Overwhelm


A charity providing emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide.


Gabor Mate: scattered mind

This book changed my life and was a really interesting perspective on ADHD. It is written from the inside by a doctor who himself has Attention Deficit Disorder. It offers a completely new perspective on ADD and a new approach to helping children and adults living with the problems Attention Deficit Disorder presents.

Amazon Purchase Link


KC Davis : How to keep the house while drowning

This is a simple easy to use guide that helps you manage organisation and tasks around the house. It is based around 6 principles:

  1. Care tasks are morally neutral.
  2. Rest is a right, not a reward.
  3. You deserve kindness regardless of your level of functioning.
  4. You can't save the rainforest if you're depressed.
  5. Shame is the enemy of functioning.
  6. Good enough is perfect.


The ADHD Foundation

We were very lucky be partnered with the ADHD Foundation and Neurodiversity Charity they have helped inform the research process In the show

ADHD Foundation Website


A Guide For Successfully Living With ADHD

This is an incredible comprehensive guide from the fantastic ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity. This has lots of advice, tips and guidance to manage ADHD. They also have a full website full of resources for children, to money, management, to relationships, all free!

ADHD In Adults

ADHD Support Groups

ADHD tour poster
Location Description Contact
London London based charity Email
London ADHD UK - national charity based in London Website Link
Wakefield West Yorkshire ADHD Peer Support Group Website Link
Bristol Diverse UK Facebook Group

Website Link
Bristol Bristol Adult ADHD Service Website Link
Liverpool The ADHD Foundation Resources Website Link
Warrington The ADHD Foundation Website Link
EdgeHill ADHD Adult UK Website Link
St. Helens