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"Through her wonderfully quirky way of looking at things, and careful foolery, Dora finds ways of making connections with you as an audience member, regardless whether you are 5 or 75"

Matthew Linley Eastern Angles/Former Unity Theatre Artistic Director

Dora Colquhoun is a neurodivergent theatre maker and performer based in Liverpool. Dora has a wealth of varied experience as a theatre maker and entertainer she graduated from Dartington College of Arts in 2011 with a first class BA Hons in Contemporary Performance Art Combining Community Practices. She also has a Masters in Applied Theatre at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (2019) She is an incredibly versatile performer who is interested in making bold funny brave work. Dora is a storyteller at heart and uses many artistic forms to create performance that moves people to tears whilst also keeping them in fits of laughter.

Dora has worked with Wild Rumpus, Liverpool Biennial, Action Transport Theatre, Cocoloco, Altru, Cbeebies, Directors: Sue Hill (Wildworks) and John Wright (As Told By An Idiot)

Recent artistic achievements:

2022 - 2023 - Awarded Developing Your Creative Practice to develop 'Finding my voice' an exploration of my practice as a storyteller and scriptwriter.
2022 - Selected as artist by Dash Arts and Liverpool Biennial to take part in WAIWAV to create the intervention 'Would you Like A Seat?'
2022 - Sold Out Tour of ADHD The Musical: Can I Have Your Attention Please? Funded by Arts Council England.
2021 - Awarded ‘Plugged in’ Rural Touring Opportunity with Creative Arts East
2021 - Awarded Arts Council Funding ADHD The Musical R&D, the show was performed at the Liverpool Theatre Festival to 2 sold out shows.
2021 - Selected for ' Artist Lock In' residency Jersey ArtHouse
2020 - Commissioned by Paul Hamlyn Foundation to create 'We are All Made Of Stardust collaborating with 49 participants compiling audio pieces to create a video piece about 'The Overview Effect.'
2017 - 3 months teaching in Croatia with The National Rijeka Youth Theatre
2016 - 6 Month TIE tour across Italy with Theatrino
2015 - Devised/performed The Flowerpot Women with artist Izzie Major for the Hope Street On the Verge Festival 2015. The Flowerpot Women is a satirical dark comedy continued to be developed/performed at Brighton Fringe Festival, (2016) Calderstones Park with The Reader Organisation (2016) Glasgow Surge Festival (2017) Bluecoat Gardens supported by Without Walls Fund/Culture Liverpool 2020.
2015 - Devised/performed all-female Sketch show: Colonial Bastards On Charity, supported by the Unity Theatre Make Art Fund/Arts Council.


Would you Like a Seat? (2022)

dora sat in a green chair

Dora Colquhoun was commissioned by DASH arts and supported by the Liverpool Biennial to take part in WAIWAV. Colquhoun is one of 31 artists who created an intervention on the 2nd of July to celebrate 102 years of the first ever Dadaist exhibition in Berlin.

Colquhoun created the fictional NBFS The National Bureau For Sitting. The intervention involved assessing members of the public to see whether they can take a seat in a very comfortable chesterfield chair.

access manifesto

The concept behind ‘Would You Like A Seat?’ Is about access. Looking at archaic systems that enables some to thrive and some to survive. In the past 10 years there has been an increase in slanted benches, barbwire in shop fronts and intentional gaps in bus shelters. This is to discourage a person shelter and a spot to rest. It is saying ‘you are not welcome.’ Colquhoun wants to take the mundane everyday action of sitting, and frame it as a prestigious act of luxury.

The NBFS will assess people in the same way a person may be assessed for PIP or be assessed to seek asylum, or the many other systems we have in place to assign meaning and value to a person. The NBFS is a body of professional seat sitting assessors. Let’s regulate sitting one cheek at a time!

link to questions with Dora blog

ADHD The Musical

adhd: the musical poster

In January 2021 Dora was funded by Arts Council England to develop 'ADHD The Musical: Can I Have Your Attention Please?'. Working with a Neuroscientist from Goldsmiths University to inform the research process the outcome of the project was a musical comedy lecture about navigating a late ADHD diagnosis in a world designed for a neurotypical brain. With the help of Dolly Parton, Julie Andrews and Cher the piece addresses feelings of shame and attempts to unpack feelings of failure. The piece was selected for the Liverpool Theatre Festival 2021 and will be performed again in November supported by Creative Arts East.

The Flowerpot Women

dora and izzy dressed as the flowerpot women

Funded by the Liverpool Culture Without Walls Fund (2020) Performed at Bluecoat Garden devised in collaboration with Izzie Major and Jonathan McGuire. First developed in collaboration with On The Verge Festival 2015

Flowerpot women a dark absurd comedy described as "Becket mixed with french and Saunders on acid’ about the pitfalls of Eddie and Garlands time in the garden together. A charming absurd piece about friendship, fauna and “getting on”

We Are All Stardust 2020

Collective Encounters commissioned 10 new works by emerging artists. The commissions formed part of their Above & Beyond project, and responded to themes of “community power” and “community action”.

Creative responses took a variety of forms from illustration, poetry, short films and music.

Dora Colquhoun and Jonathan McGuire created a collaborative music piece exploring The Overview Effect; a theory used to describe the awe inspired feeling astronauts experience when viewing the Earth from Space.


An all female satirical sketch show supported by the Unity Theatres ‘Make Art fund and ACE funding. Directed by Mat Rutter and Brian Desmond.

Performed at:

  • Unity Theatre 2015
  • Brighton Fringe 2014
  • Cornerstone Festival 2014,
  • Edge Hill University Performance and Domination Colloquium 2013
  • Liverpool Hope University Change Makers Conference 2013
  • Threshold Festival 2013
colonial bastards performance


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