The Lodger (formerly Jam and Chemicals)

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Deer getting up

The Lodger is an exciting new work in development created by Dora Colquhoun. Using song writing, verbatim interviews, audience Interaction, story telling, pigeons, and her traumatically short lived career as a Redcoat at Butlins Bognor Regis. Dora was asked to leave because she had flooded her 'chalet' (MDF shed) Dora explores the question what is home and how can she be home to herself when everything else is so fragile?

Just 4 letters are used to describe an extremely complex idea that we all understand differently. A person may spend a lifetime answering this question as life inevitably throws unpredictable circumstances our way. With the cost of living crisis and a housing shortage in the UK, the lodger looks at the wider political landscape when exploring the life of a millennial who has always felt a sense of displacement.

Is a home...

  • a building?
  • a feeling?
  • a place?
  • a moment?
  • all of these things?

Or is home an idea promised, that not everyone gets to have?

dora pulling a face

Dora has worked with international award winning artist Jamie Wood on a Residency at Hawkwood College