Jam and Chemicals: Work in Progress Tour 2024

I was always looking for a rock to land on, but as I got closer it turned to dust’ - Anon

Ever felt like you were on a quest to find home and a sense of belonging? In this new work in progress theatre maker Dora Colquhoun explores this question.

The world of Jam and Chemicals is disparate, hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking. You will meet a Sunday school teacher, a holiday camp entertainer, and a landlady all trying to find a sense of belonging.

Longing for a love that never came.

Kicked out in the cold by the powers that be.

Realising you don't have as much time as you think.

This show is an entertaining collage of storytelling, original music and playful characters exploring our need for connection and community, and asks what happens when it breaks down?

A mix of pigeons, party dances and light smothering, you will enter a world where everyone is trying to find their way back home.

Edge Hill Arts Centre, Ormskirk

13th February 2024

Warrington Pyramid, Warrington

1st March 2024

Widnes Studio, Widnes

8th March 2024

Shakespeare North, Prescot

13th March 2024